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The Association of Macedonian Students at the University of Toronto
strives to be a voice and support for Canadian Macedonian Students with our helpful services and amazing events.


AMSUT immerses you in an exciting and helpful Canadian Macedonian community where fellow students and Macedonian professionals work to enhance our Canadian Macedonian culture!


AMSUT gives you the opportunity to take on a challenge in our Canadian Macedonian community and solve it with a team of dedicated students following every step of the way.

A Voice

As a member of AMSUT, you will be an advocate for the issues that affect our Macedonian heritage from small scale to large scale.


From Pub Nights downtown to educational lectures on Macedonia, AMSUT is your hub for everything fun and Macedonian!


The Association of Macedonian Students at the University of Toronto was formed in the fall of 1988 and was recognized the following spring by U of T as an official campus group. Its founders were Elizabeth Dimovska, Lila Dobrusevski, Kathy Litsas, Sophie Jolevski, Suzanna Mangovski, Bob Markovski, Kosta Milankov, Mark Opashinov, Andy Penuvchev, Andy Plukov, and Valentina Trajkovski. Within a year of its inception AMSUT was hosting formal events to over two hundred young people.

Being the first among the Macedonian university student groups, AMSUT had to learn by trial and error. They quickly found out that what their peers enjoyed most were dances and political activities. However, the scope of their efforts widened with each success. The AMSUT name came to be recognized with memorable parties and cultural and political aid. Between the annual boat-cruise and New Year’s Eve parties, they donated their time and money to various causes, from the Macedonian language program at U of T to the “Medicine for Macedonia” drive in 1992. They have participated in parades and protests, in the annual Caravan cultural festival and Ilinden celebrations.

AMSUT’s progress in bringing young Macedonians together to learn and appreciate their culture has been undaunted. Yet this university organization has never grown complacent with its success. In fact, the group is presently undergoing a second birth, growing both financially and socially. However, it is more important that AMSUT’s consciousness has grown. With this renewed vitality all of AMSUT’s possibilities are realizable. AMSUT again can lead the other university groups in new directions. A group of several hundred well-to-do, educated, young people should, and can be, a real political force. They can make change happen in their community as well as service the social needs of its community’s youth. AMSUT is now moving past its age of inexperience into an age of social responsibility.

Meet The Team

Our executive team strives to make sure that AMSUT works efficiently and democratically
in its events and services. AMSUT executives are elected for a one year term by the general membership.

Vele Tosevski


School, Music, Macedonia, three things closest to Vele's heart. Vele lives and breathes Macedonia. Ever since he was a child, he has been a strong advocate for Macedonia by giving lectures about Macedonia at school, dancing in a Macedonian folk ensemble, Ensemble Makedonka, learning how to play Macedonian ethnic instruments such as the Gajda and Zurla, and being a part of strong Macedonian organizations that advocate for the Macedonian cause.

Vele is a 3rd Year Engineering Science student majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. His mission is to elevate AMSUT to the greatest cultural club at U of T and make it the voice for young Canadian Macedonians.


Christian Rostankovski

Vice President

Christian was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, but has always stayed close to his Macedonian roots. From a young age, Christian danced with the folklore group “Ensemble Makedonka” at St. Clement of Ohrid in Toronto. Today, Christian is still very passionate about the religious and cultural aspects of what it is to be Macedonian, and spends much of his time volunteering at St. Clement and in the community. Christian co-founded the Macedonian Youth Network at St. Clement and works with the American-Canadian diocese to promote youth involvement in Macedonian Orthodox Churches. Christian is also passionate about Macedonian music and enjoys playing the accordion.

This is Christian’s second year as a life sciences student at U of T and as Vice President of AMSUT. He looks forward to continuing to promote Macedonia at the University and within the Macedonian community.


Vida Maksimoska


As Aleksander Makedonski once said “I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep, I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion” Vida has grown up having people tell her what a strong and determined group of Macedonians can accomplish so she became a part of AMSUT hoping to advocate for Macedonia. Vida dances in an award winning Macedonian dance group called Ensemble Makedonka that focuses its time on educating people about Macedonian culture and heritage. Being only half Macedonian, Vida has learned to embrace both her Macedonian and Ukrainian cultures, proving that you don’t need to by full Macedonian to support this amazing group and country.

Vida is going into her 3rd year working to finish a double major in Human Biology and French Language Learning. She hopes to either go into teaching or law. She looks forward to working with new and enthusiastic members to help make future events successful, educational and enjoyable for everyone.


Daniel Kecman


Bio to be uploaded soon...


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