An account of all AMSUT events, both past and present

Wine and Cheese

September 29, 2017

A big thank you to everyone who came out to AMSUT's Wine and Cheese, Macedonian Professional and Student Networking event! With over 70 people in attendance throughout the course of the night, the event was a great success! We were visited by many distinguished professionals in our community including Bill Nicholov, Chris Paliare, John Evans, only to name a few. Hart House provided an amazing atmosphere and tasty food to host the many interesting conversations that happened between our guests. Many students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to network and meet many new people. Many professionals also described the importance of throwing such events to not only foster connections but to also talk about ways in which we can all contribute to the Macedonian cause. We look forward to our next networking event!


U of T Club's Fair 2017

September 6, 2017

On September 6, 2017, AMSUT participated in the Annual U of T Club's Fair, called the "Clubs Carnival". Under a tent, shaded from the strong sunlight, AMSUT gave out "Fun Facts about Macedonia" posters (created by Bill Pavlovski), AMSUT stickers, and AMSUT fidget spinners! We also had some maznik and information on future events present. Throughout the day, 1000's of students, incoming and returning, passed by the AMSUT tent and learned more about Macedonia, our culture, and our history. We look forward to being a part of this club's fair for years to come. A huge thanks to all of our new members resulting from this club's fair and to all of our supporters during that day.


Parade of Nations Macedonia

July 1, 2017

With the much anticipated 150th Birthday of Canada approaching, many AMSUT team members worked to prepare for the Parade of Nations. This parade in honor of Canada’s birthday was meant to showcase the diversity of Canada. The Macedonians came like an army in red and yellow, a sight that would have brought tears to the eyes of many of our Macedonian heroes. They came bearing flags and smiles. The group paraded down Yonge Street singing Macedonian songs while dressed in traditional costumes with some of our members captured on National television! Once again, a wonderful example of younger and older generations coming together to show our Macedonian pride. The Macedonians came in the hundreds, assembled at 8am on Yonge and Bloor, and marched along Yonge Street to Dundas Square. They even had a truck with a flatbed carrying "Ensemble Makedonka" dancers! Once at Dundas Square, the Macedonians remained and watched "Ensemble Makedonka" perform three traditional Macedonian folk dances in front of thousands of people. AMSUT helped organize and market this event along with the main organizers, the Consulate General of the Republic of Macedonia. AMSUT is happy to have been involved in an event that helped us show our Macedonian pride all the while giving thanks to our wonderful country of Canada as proud Canadians, wishing Her a Happy 150th Birthday! To many more years!


Support for Macedonia

April 2, 2017

Upholding and defending our Macedonian rights is most important for AMSUT and its members along with the Macedonians of the world. All of our members were present during the Support for Macedonia gathering aimed at keeping Macedonia Macedonian. Key speakers during this prostest included our very own President and Vice-president. The famous Macedonian dance ensemble "Ensemble Makedonka" of St. Clement of Ohrid MOC gave a wonderful performance (in which our members were involved as well!). This event truly showed the merging of generations - from side to side, old and young Macedonians took over Queen's Park. With a common goal of showing our support for Macedonians overseas, this televised event made history and gained the attention of politicians in Canada. Since 2015, there has been political unrest in Macedonia. This gathering was organized alongside other similar events around the world (Sydney, New Jersey, Brussels, etc.) to show our Macedonian brothers and sisters that we stand with them to stop the political crisis plaguing our Republic of Macedonia. AMSUT will never stop defending Macedonia and expressing its views on situations concerning Macedonia. Watch the protest on Youtube here! Fast forward to minute 20:00 to hear our AMSUT President and Vice President speak! Да Живее Македонија!


Macedonian Pub Night

March 24, 2017

Keeping the tradition going, AMSUT’s first Pub Night of 2017 was a huge success. With a strategically chosen bar right on campus, the famous O Grady’s came to life filled with roaring Macedonian music, Macedonian dancing, lots of drinks and a multitude of Macedonian youth - over 130 to be exact! Youth from Mississauga, Scarborough and Toronto all came together to celebrate our culture and the launch of many more amazing events to come. The entertainment of the night was Canada's most famous and best Macedonian orchestra, The Boys from Bouf. New friendships were made, existing ones improved, all he while supporting AMSUT's cause. It was the start of many more pu nights to come.


Woodsworth Multicultural Fair

February 16, 2017

For our first official AMSUT event, we participated in the annual Woodsworth Multicultural Fair. There were many clubs present at the fair representing about twenty different countries with over 1000 students in attendance. AMSUT had a table filled with flyers displaying educational facts about Macedonia and posters illustrating various Macedonian monuments. The table also had some traditional Macedonian food such as Maznik (a cheese filled philo dough pastry), Ajvar (a pepper spread) and Pchenica (roasted sweetened barley). Many students and faculty came to ask questions about Macedonian culture and try some of our amazing food. Later in the day, AMSUT put on a performance to remember as AMSUT President Vele Tosevski brought out his Gajda (Macedonian Bagpipe) and we began an Oro (circle dance) where many students of various backgrounds participated - a successful event for both networking and educating about Macedonia.


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