About Us

The Association of Macedonian Students at the University of Toronto
strives to be a voice and support for Canadian Macedonian Students with our helpful services and amazing events.


AMSUT immerses you in an exciting and helpful Canadian Macedonian community where fellow students and Macedonian professionals work to enhance our Canadian Macedonian culture!

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AMSUT gives you the opportunity to take on a challenge in our Canadian Macedonian community and solve it with a team of dedicated students following every step of the way.

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A Voice

As a member of AMSUT, you will be an advocate for the issues that affect our Macedonian heritage from small scale to large scale.

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From Pub Nights downtown to educational lectures on Macedonia, AMSUT is your hub for everything fun and Macedonian!

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  • There is nothing impossible to him who will try.

    Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia
  • Macedonia for the Macedonians.

    William Gladstone, Prime Minister of Great Britain
  • It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

    Aristotle, Ancient Macedonian Philosopher
  • I understand the world solely as a field for cultural competition among the peoples.

    Goce Delchev, Macedonian Hero

Macedonia, Eh?

AMSUT is happy to announce that our very own "Macedonia, Eh?" newsletter will be launched this Fall 2018!
Stay Tuned!

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Any questions, concerns, tips are welcome! Ask how you can join and make a difference!

76 Overlea Blvd
East York, ON M4H 1C5


+1 647 787 5696

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